In Transcarpathia, they are creating the first animated series!

Transcarpathians are creative and original people. On the territory of the region they have already filmed, created and held many humorous shows, sketches, programs, there are also several serials. But there has not been a real Transcarpathian cartoon. Known Transcarpathians, KVN players Mykhailo Karpenko and Pavlo Mandzych decided to fill this "niche" of art. Guys with good sense of humor, with the support of a talented artist Sasha Nimets, for several months now have been creating colorful characters, funny and comical situations and "sketching" well-known places.

The cartoon will be titled "Our Family", and the song of known Transcarpathian band "Trysta8isim" with the same name will be the soundtrack to it. Details of the project have not been disclosed, it’s a surprise. But knowing Misha and Pasha – the cartoon should be interesting, with good humor and very "Transcarpathian".

Mykhailo Karpenko assured that soon everyone will see Transcarpathia in animation. 

Well, we are look forward to the premiere of the first Transcarpathian animated series. will keep you posted! 

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