In Transcarpathia there are “windows of life” where you can leave “unwanted” babies

Police warns that criminal liability is provided for murder of newborn babies, as well as for leaving them in danger.


Cases when mothers get rid of "unwanted" children are, unfortunately, not uncommon today. For example, in the city of Mukachevo, recently a newborn girl abandoned by mother was found in the toilet of the bus station.

To give abandoned babies a chance at life, there are so-called windows of life at health care institutions in the region.

Currently, they operate in Mukachevo (two) at Pirogov st. 8-13 (Mukachevo CDH) and Franko st., 41 (Mukachevo Children’s Hospital), in Vynogradiv District Hospital (Vynogradiv, Likarnyana st., 13), in V.Berezny District Hospital (V.Berezny, Shtefanyk st., 71), in Khust District Holspital (Khust, Franko st., 113), in Irshava District Holspital (Irshava, Komarova st., 16).

Similar "windows of life" will soon be opened in other districts of the region.  

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