In Transcarpathia, the Security Service of Ukraine conducted special anti-terrorist training

The Anti-Terrorist Center Coordination Group at the Security Service of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region conducted special anti-terrorist training.

Units of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the police and the State Emergencies Service participated in the training, which took place in Mukachevo and Beregovo districts.

The purpose of the training was to test the participants’ readiness to respond to sabotage and terrorist acts at military facilities.

According to the scenario, terrorists have come to the territory of the region to commit "sabotage" at one of the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Due to the coordinated and effective actions of the security forces, the saboteurs were detained in a timely manner.
The ATC Coordination Group analyzed the effectiveness of the use of forces and equipment by the participants, noting the high level of readiness and interaction of the involved units.

Also, some elements of counter-sabotage work were carefully analyzed and suggestion for improvement of their effectiveness were developed.

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