In Transcarpathia, the number of millionaires has increased

The campaign for declaration of income earned in 2017 has finished. Thus, from January 1, 2018 to May 2, Transcarpathians submitted 4750 declarations of property status and income for 2017. It is worth noting that 2168 declarations were filed by citizens in order to take advantage of the right to tax deduction.

The declarants, who were obliged to declare the received income, submitted 2582 declarations, including 497 declarations on income received in the form of inheritance, 387 declarations on income from sale of immovable property, 3 declarations on foreign income and 486 declarations on other income.

In total, the taxpayers declared income in excess of UAH 502 million, according to the calculations, citizens are obliged to pay more than UAH 12.3 million in taxes, of which UAH 6.3 million has already been paid to the budget.

It should be noted that this year 31 millionaires have already declared their income (last year – 25), the amount of their taxable income is UAH 167.2 million, of which UAH 2.3 million shall be paid to the budget. Mostly, the millionaires declared income from sales (exchange) of movable and / or immovable property objects; income from property leasing or renting; the value of inherited property or property received as gift; income from sources outside Ukraine.

SFS in Transcarpathian region

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