In Transcarpathia the “Karpatska vatra” literary festival will be held for the third time

The "Karpatska vatra" international literary festival was launched in Uzhgorod in 2008. The aim of the festival is to bring together writers from different regions of the Carpathians who write in Ukrainian. The festival is held every two years and this year it will be held for the third time.
So November 7-8, Ukrainian writers from Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, and writers from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Bukovina, Volyn, Kyiv and even Luhansk will gather in Transcarpathia. In total, twelve guests are expected.
On Thursday, November 7, the writers will see Uzhgorod, visit the family of Ivan Chendey, put flowers on the grave of Taras Shevchenko, Augustin Voloshin and Oleksandr Dukhnovich.
At 17.00 in the Transcarpathian Region Universal Scientific Library there will be a great recital with guests and Transcarpathian writers. Before the meeting, a plaque for Shevchenko honoree Petro Skunts will be opened in the library.
November 8 "Karpatska vatra" visits Mukachevo where they meet with connoisseurs of literature and local authorities.  
In the afternoon the writers will return to the regional center. At the Writers Union there will be a free exchange of views and experiences.
For the first time the almanac of the participants of this year’s "Karpatska vatra" will be published.


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