In Transcarpathia the “glory” can be purchased for 4 hundred

Medals in Uzhgorod and other parts of the region can be bought for few hundred hryvnias, convinces the newspaper Slovo . Recently, government awards won by blood and sweat of the war heroes wmay be seen in stores that specialize in antiques.

For example, the medal "For Bravery" or "For Fighting Merit" can be willingly purchased by traders for 100 to 200 hryvnias, depending on the serial number and availability of certificate for the award. It is also very important who was the awarded warrior – a soldier, sergeant or officer.

Among the awards one may often find the "Red Star" award and "Glory of III Grade" award for which buyers are willing to pay 400 hryvnias.

Some sellers are selling the merits of their grandparents in on-line shops   . Here they set the price of these medals or awards and expect when these will draw attention of collector.

Currently in Uzhgorod there is one antique shop and about 50 people who are ready to buy medals. 

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