In Transcarpathia SSU destroy drugs

On May 4 this year following the court decisions the Security Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region destroyed drugs, among which were hashish, cannabis and capsules of tramadol. These drugs served as material evidence in 7 criminal cases that have been investigated by inspectors of the SSU Office of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region.

This year, the verdicts of Uzhgorod district court against those who smuggled drugs into Ukraine, entered into force. In particular, a local resident who was trying to import from Hungary 1445 capsules of tramadol, has been sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.

The resident of Vinnytsia, who in 2008 received a parcel from Spain with 125 capsules of tramadol, and in early February 2011 – with 118 tablets of the drug, also got 3 years’ imprisonment.

Uzhgorod district court of Transcarpathian region imposed punishment on a citizen of France in the form of five years in prison. The foreigner was traveling from France to Ukraine with 10 grams of hashish, which he had pre-packaged and put into the bag with medicine. The same punishment received the citizen of the Czech Republic, importing hashish to Ukraine in a sock.

The Court also pleaded guilty the inhabitant of Nikolaev, who was trying to carry more than 6 grams of cannabis across the state border of Ukraine, and sentenced him to 5 years of imprisonment. A resident of Beregovo, who last year carried nearly half a gram of cannabis through the Hungarian-Ukrainian state border, was sentenced to the same term.

A local resident of Velyky Berezny was sentenced to five years in prison by the district court. This citizen kept 50 grams of marijuana and hemp stalks weighing 175 grams in his house.

The drugs were destroyed on the territory of Uzhgorod quarry – the press center of the SSU informs.


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