In Transcarpathia, some roads and farmland are still flooded

In Irshava district. about 237 hectares of farmlands of the villages of Kamyanske and Siltse remain flooded with local run-off and flood waters of the Borzhava river.

In Uzhgorod district, 100 m long section of the road Uzhgorod-Demechi O-071207 between the settlements Tysaagtelek-M.Heyivtsi is flooded with 10-15 cm layer of water. This section of the road is located in the flood plain of the Latorytsya river. Vehicular traffic is closed, the detour was organized.

In Vynogradiv district, 200 m long section of the motorway M23 (Vylok) – Shalanky-Velyki Komyaty is flooded with 15 cm layer of water due to the increased water level on the Borzhava river near the village of V.Komyaty in Vynogradiv district. The traffic on the said section of the road is free.

Source: State Emergenices Service of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region.

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