In Transcarpathia, residential houses are burning: three fires and one victim in one day (PHOTOS)

On the night of September 26-27, there occurred three fires in residential buildings, the State Emergenices Service of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region reported.

Thus, at 21:20 on September 26, there was a fire in a private house on Chervona Hora street in the city of Mukachevo. The kitchen of the house was burning. Two crews of firefighters of the 17th State Fire and Rescue Unit of the city of Mukachevo were sent to eliminate the fire. At 21:40, the fire was contained, but its liquidation lasted until 23:40. The fire destroyed 5 square meters of the wooden wall of the house.

At 02.22, on September 27, Khust rescuers received a report of a fire. On Lohoydovi street in the district center, a residential building of a local 55-year-old resident was burning. Two fire brigades of the 10th state fire and rescue part of the city of Khust were sent at the scene.   The fire engulfed one of the living rooms and the roof of the house. At 02:40, the fire was contained, and at 04:10 it was eliminated.

While fighting the fire, firefighters found the body in the owner.

The fire damaged the ceiling of the building and the roof over the area of ​​15 square meters, as well as household items.

At 03:32, on September 27, rescuers received a report of a fire in the village of Tyshiv, Volovets district. A wooden residential house was burning. The fire was eliminated by the rescuers of the state fire and rescue post of the village of Nyzhni Vorota and the 11th State Fire and Rescue Unit.  Due to late report, the fire damaged the ceiling and the roof of the house over the area of ​​94 square meters.

The cause of the fires and the material damage caused are being established.


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