In Transcarpathia, parents will be prohibited to give they children under three years old to boarding institutions

On September 1, the Ministry of Education intends to stop taking children with parents to boarding institutions unless absolutely necessary. At present, only 8% of the children held in orphanages of Ukraine are orphans, while 92% have parents. This was stated by the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Andriy Reva.

According to him, the number of children in boarding institutions of Ukraine is slowly growing: in 2000, there were more than 99 thousand children, and now there are 106 thousand.

"But it is another thing which is most interesting. Then, 40% of them were orphans, and 60% had parents. Now, 8% are orphans, and 92% have parents. What’s going on? When they could not find more orphans, boarding institutions began to take children who have parents." – the Minister said.

According to him, as of September 1, the Ministry of Education intends to stop taking children to such institutions unless necessary.

It will be a ban on the placement of children under three years old to orphanages at the request of the parents except when palliative care is necessary.

"We encourage financially such things, including orphanhood. It is necessary to completely change the funding mechanism of the system," – Reva said.

Incidentally, the number of orphans in Ukraine over the past 15 years has been consistently maintained within 90-104 thousand. Only 10% of them are under guardianship or foster care, and only 5% of children get adopted.

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