In Transcarpathia, one of the largest wineries has been robbed

In the middle of the night, unknown persons entered the territory of the winery complex "Chizay" over the fence.

In the administrative premises, the robbers broke several safes, and took the smallest one with them.

During the robbery, the guard Mr. S was on one of the floors. The robbers did not beat him, but tied him up with ropes and locked in a toilet. He was freed only in the morning, when first employees of the company came to work.

They say, that the robbers were looking for money, as yesterday was a payday. It is unknown how much money was in the stolen safe. Rumours have it that it was hundreds of thousands hryvnia, but the company report only 5 thousand hryvnia.

Beregovo police are currently looking for the robbers, – the Zakarpatsky Objektiv informs.

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