In Transcarpathia, more and more children are adopted with every year

This was discussed during the working meeting of the head of the Service for Children of the Regional State Administration Svitlana Yakimelina with the leaders of the Transcarpathian center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children and the shelter for children.

The officials discussed the financing of the institutions, their occupancy and subsequent placement of children. Last year, there were 267 children in child welfare establishments of the region, of whom 204 were in the shelter for children and 63 were in the Transcarpathian center for social and psychological rehabilitation of children. It should be noted that the number of children placed in these institutions in 2015 decreased by 10 percent compared to 2014.
At the same, the number of orphans and children deprived of parental care, who were taken to families of Ukrainian citizens following their stay in the institutions, significantly increased. During 2015, 38 children were placed under family care, in 2014 – 30.

It is encouraging that over the past year, 10 children from the Transcarpathian center for children and the shelter were adopted by citizens of Ukraine, while over the last nine years, only two children from the institutions were adopted.

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