In Transcarpathia, foresters arranged a recreation area near the only mineral water geyser in Ukraine (PHOTOS)

In the village of Vuchkove, in Transcarpathian region, foresters have arranged a recreation area near the only Ukrainian mineral water geyser.

According to the director of the Verkhnya Hora State Forestry, Maria Pliska-Halatiba, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to see the geyser every year: Vuchkove geyser and Mizhhirya district in general are popular destinations for lovers of interesting natural phenomena and scenic landscapes.

In order to preserve the unique natural mineral spring, foresters of the Verkhnya Hora forestry have set up a recreational zone near the geyser, the Transcarpathian Regional Forestry and Hunting Range Administration informed.

The geyser is located in the "Petrovets" tract, on the bank of a mountain stream. The water in it is salty and contains iron.

Today, the natural monument that is unique to Ukraine, almost every 2 hours (depending on various circumstances and season), discharges water 4-6 meters high for about 10 minutes. The geyser water has a therapeutic effect for various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Carpathian volcanoes ceased to erupt several million years ago and have become mountain ridges and separate mountains.   A geyser is a spring that periodically discharges jets of water and steam high into the air. The most famous geysers are in Iceland, in the Kamchatka, in the Yellowstone Park (USA).


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