In Transcarpathia, contraband horses were found near the border


 In Transcarpathia, in Rakhiv district, border guards of the Mukachevo detachment detained six people, while checking the received information on alleged illegal activity on the border. The men tried to move from Romania to Ukraine an unusual contraband – three horses. The detainees had no documents on them. During the interrogation, it was found that four of them were citizens of Romania, and two were citizens of Ukraine.

      As a result of the subsequent search operations, border guards also found a shotgun and two rounds in the bushes near the site of detention. 

      Currently it is unknown where the men took the horses and what was purpose of their transportation across the border. For now, all detainees and the horses were delivered to the Department of Border Guard Service "Bogdan" for drawing up administrative reports. The investigation is ongoing. 




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