In Transcarpathia, cancer will be treated with radioactive iodine

In the Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Oncology Dispensary soon they begin to treat patients with thyroid cancer with the new, modern method – radioactive iodine. 

According to the chief doctor of the medical institution, Andriy Rusin, until now to undergo a radioiodine therapy, our compatriots had to go to Lviv and Kyiv. Because this modern method in medicine is used not only in the treatment of thyroid cancer, but also for the treatment of hyperthyroidism (an overactive gland). Patients are very difficult to tolerate such condition, surgery is also stressful. Methods of modern therapy offer to take, for example, a pill with radioactive iodine and within 1-2 months all indicators are normal. 

However, upon the implementation of this method, one needs to consider many different factors. First of all, care must be taken to protect all others, because the radiation dose is quite high. Under Ukrainian law, a patient must be isolated for 7-10 days. The hospital should be equipped with appropriate conditions for this: a special room, ventilation, drainage etc. 

As noted by Andriy Rusin, now the institution is being certified, receives the necessary permissions from the SES. Meanwhile they prepare the appropriate professionals. And soon in the Oncology Center they will treat under the new method. Total number of patients with cancer in the region to date is 18,500. Annually, about 3,500 patients with tumors are identified. 

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