In Transcarpathia, border guards found two trikes that were carrying out flights without permission (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Yesterday, border guards of the Mukachevo Detachment detected a small aircraft.  The trike detected by border guards was circling over the settlements of Shom and Rafaylovo in Beregovo district.

Border guards immediately organized the search for the small aircraft takeoff and landing place. As a result of the measures taken, border guards found near the village of Kashtanovo the trike, vehicles and persons who informed that they were using the said small aircraft for agricultural works.

During the inspection, the men had no permits for flights or works near the border. Later, border guards found near the settlement of Barkasovo another small aircraft, which was carrying out agricultural work near the border, without the consent of border guards. Administrative documents were drawn up over this incidents and interacting bodies were notified.


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