In Transcarpathia, book lovers are not extinct

In Vynogradiv district, ​​the second round of the traditional national contest of children’s reading titled "The best reader of Ukraine" has finished. Its participants were 44 students of 6-7 grades of 25 city and district schools, all of them are winners of the first round, which was held in the schools.

According to a member of the jury, known humorist Mykhailo Chuhran, the purpose of the competition was the popularization of the book as a source of knowledge, involving children in reading of fiction and enriching their worldview.  At the competition, the young readers completed special questionnaires where they were able to demonstrate their knowledge and showed their reading diaries with information about recently read books.

The creative contest was full of desire to win – the children performed dramatizations and impersonated their favorite characters, read their own works, presented illustration posters for the books read.

All participants were awarded with certificates and prizes.  The winners will go on to represent Vynogradiv district in the third round of the contest "The best reader of Ukraine" to be held in Uzhgorod.

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