In Transcarpathia a unique book “from the drawer” was published (PHOTOS)

For more than two decades one of the most important books of Transcarpathian writer and journalist Ivan Dolhosh was laying "in the drawer". Yesterday, September 27, through the project "Library of the "Stary Zamok" newspaper", initiated by Victor Baloha, the dilogy "And Tisa cried with blood" saw the world. 
The book was presented in the museum room of Augustin Voloshin in the Transcarpathian regional museum of Uzhgorod Castle, so that everyone could feel the liberation spirit of those times. The semidocumentary political novel describes two significant stages in Transcarpathian history of 1918-1939: events of Hutsul Republic and Carpathian Ukraine periods.

The story of the publication of the novel could be the subject of a separate book. "My father began writing the book in 1975 and completed in 1990 – says Odarka Dolhosh-Sopko, daughter of Ivan Dolhosh. – Since 2009, the manuscript about the events of Carpathian Ukraine had been at "Grazhda" publishing house, but it could not be published. And only this year of jubilee it was made possible through the project of "Stary Zamok". However, when we prepared the publication, we found on the folder the inscription that this is the first book of dilogy called "Hutsul Republic." Then examining the father’s archive we found another 750 pages of typewritten text (we did not know anything about this book) and a large fragment of the manuscript of the second book, "Carpathian Ukraine". So immediately we decided: the dilogy must be published completely.   With this book we finish this year of my father’s jubilee. The memorial plaque was opened , a movie was made, and now his last novel has been published." 


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