In Transcarpathia, a new interdistrict environmental prosecutor has been appointed

Today, March 1, by the order of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the senior counsellor in justice Mykhailo Hanhur was appointed as Transcarpathian interdistrict prosecutor to oversee the observance of laws in the environmental field.

Mykhailo Hanhur was born in 1970, in the village of Nankovo in Khust district. In 1996 he graduated from the National Law Academy of Ukraine, and then started to work at the prosecution authorities.

At various times he has served as the prosecution’s investigator of Beregovo district, the Prosecutor of Perechyn and then Irshava district. In 2004 he worked as the Deputy Regional Prosecutor – the chief of the department of supervision over the observance of laws by bodies that conduct detective and search activity, inquiry and pre-trial investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office of Transcarpathian region. Until now, he has worked as the head of organizational and control department of the prosecution of Transcarpathian region.

In 2010 he was awarded the medal "Thanks for excellent service in the prosecution" of the third degree.

Married. Has two children.

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