In Transcarpathia, a man ended his life by blowing up himself using gas

The emergency dispatching service of the "Zakarpathaz" PJSC was reported that in the city of Vynogradov, on Konstytutsiya street, 5, there was an emergency situation involving the use of gas at home.

According to the Chief Engineer of Vynogradiv MOGE Maria Popovich, the cause of the emergency was a suicide attempt by a citizen Vasyl R., born in 1973. Locking himself in his own kitchen, the man decided to end his life, opened the gas valve of an oven, and set fire to the gas mixture. As a result of the explosion, the man suffered burns of the head, upper and lower limbs, burn shock.

Despite quick delivery to the intensive care unit of Vynogradiv district hospital, Vasyl R. died due to injuries incompatible with life.

The "Zakarpathaz" PJSC warns that gas brings benefit only when handled according to the rules of safety. Ignoring the requirements, that are designed to preserve your health and life, let alone the use of natural gas as a means of suicide, is unacceptable.

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