In Transcarpathia, 33 apartments have been bought for families of killed and disabled participants of the ATO. Most of them have chosen appartments in Uzhgorod

By the end of the year, all the money allocated from the state budget of Ukraine for the purchase of appartments for the families of killed and 1-2 groups disabled participants of the ATO had been used. In total, 33 apartments at more than 18 million hryvnia were purchased. Contract for the purchase of the last few apartments were concluded on 29-30 of December.
Families from ten districts of Transcarpathia have received appartments. Interestingly, most families, that until now have been living all over the region, have decided to move to Uzhgorod.
Most of the apartments were purchased in the regional center of Transcarpathia – 16 in total, including 3 for families from Velyky Berezny district, 2 – from Uzhgorod district, and one – from Irshava, Beregovo and Vynogradiv districts.
– We were supervising the process of the purchase of appartments, because if the money had not been used or deals had been broken, we would have had to return the money to the state budget immediately after the end of the year – the head of the Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal said. – Next year, the state program for purchase of appartments for families of fallen and 1-2 groups disabled participants of the ATO will still be in force, but we hope that it will not be necessary, and all our men will come back alive and healthy.

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