In Transcarpathia 15 new STS entrepreneurs are registered daily

"As of October 1, 2012, 29,500 simplified tax system entrepreneurs operate in Transcarpathia. Since the beginning of this year their number grew by 2.8 thousand, or 10%," – said during a press conference the head of the State Tax Service in the Transcarpathian region Vasyl Ivancho.
In terms of districts the leader by the number of STS taxpayers is Mukachevo and Mukachevo district together (5612), the second is Uzhgorod city (5336), the third is Tyachiv district (3113).
On January 1, 2012 the new rules of simplified tax system with division into groups of single taxpayers entered into force.
Around 19 thousand taxpayers were included in the second group with the amount of income up to 1 million hryvnias per year and number of employees up to 10.
In the first group there are a little bit more than 5100 STS taxpayers. These entrepreneurs are self-employed persons carrying out retail sales of goods in markets and providing consumer services. The annual income must not exceed 150 thousand hryvnias.
More than 5,200 entrepreneurs with income up to 3 million hryvnias and up to 20 employees are in the third group of single taxpayers.
On August 12 this year, legislative changes introduced additional groups of single taxpayers (fifth for individuals and sixth – for businesses) with annual revenue up to 20 million hryvnias. Since the 1st of October, two Transcarpathian entrepreneurs have chosen the new fifth group and one entity was transferred to the sixth group at 10%.
Proceeds from the single tax payment for the first three quarters of 2012 increased significantly and amounted to almost 63.6 million. This is almost 3 times more than for three quarters in the last year. Share of a single tax in local revenues increased from 4.5% last year to 9.2% this year.
Head of the State Tax Service in the region Vasyl Ivancho is sure: "The positive dynamics of single taxpayers number and revenue from them will continue."

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