In the very center of Uzhgorod the police discovered the room with slot machines (PHOTOS)

 Recently, Transcarpathian police officers received the information about another gambling institution. Officers of the service to combat economic crime, together with other police services found a room with slot machines in a hotel in the regional center.


The owner of the illegal business rented a considerable space where he placed 10 such machines. At the time of the police raid there were people in the room who had just made bets and despite the presence of police officers were reluctant to stop the game. Yet they had to do it.

The owner did not deny the fact of illegal activity and knew about criminal liability for this kind of business.


Criminal proceedings have been initiated over this fact on the grounds of Article 203-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The owner of slot machines is facing considerable fine and, by the court decision, their confiscation.

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