In the region two Uzhgorod citizens declared the income of 2 million

The citizens are in the midst of a campaign of income declaration for the last year. As the Head of the STS in the Transcarpathian region Vasil Ivancho informed, as for April 9 the declarations of the received incomes for 2011 are submitted by 3828 citizens. 179 of them declared income in the inheritance form, 152 – from the sale of movable property, 62 – income from the rent the real estate, 35 – from the sale of a real estate, 16 citizens declared the received investment income, 7 – foreign income. 8 foreign national citizens who have the status of the tax residents of Ukraine submitted the declaration on received income last year. Two citizens of Uzhgorod declared their income of more than 1 million.
The majority of the submitted declarations (75.3% or 2881) are declarations to the realization of the right of a tax rebate. The most, and today it is almost 2700 people, apply to refund a part of a paid tax on the expenses of studying.

It has been reported earlier that the current legislation defined the obligation of annual submission of the property and income declaration for 2011 to the tax authority for certain categories of citizens by the place of residence:
–         Civil servant (covered by the article 13 of the Civil Service Law);
–         Officials of the local Government (covered by the article 13 of the Civil Service Law of Local Government);
–         Judges (covered by the article 54 of the Judicial System and Status Law);
–         Deputies (covered by the article 25 of the Parliamentary Status)
The campaign lasts till May 3, 2012. The tax collectors ask those who were obliged to declare income for the 2011 not to hesitate or postpone the declaration submission for the last days.  

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