In the Parliament they proposed to allow dual citizenship in Ukraine

The bill, which allows dual citizenship in Ukraine, was registered February 15, by the deputy Lev Mirimsky, informs the Mirror Weekly. The basic provision is that any Ukrainian upon reaching the age of 18 shall be eligible for foreign citizenship without termination of the Ukrainian citizenship. The only condition is to provide relevant documents for making the appropriate note in passport.

​​According to the author of the bill, foreigners shall also be entitled to petition for Ukrainian citizenship without waiving their own.

However, the document keeps the principle of single citizenship in Ukraine, which excludes the possibility of citizenship of administrative units.

In the opinion of the author of the project, the system of dual citizenship is the reality of modern life, where everyone seeks to improve living standards, give a good education to children, and so on.

Recall, that in Ukraine, in order to receive foreign citizenship, one must renounce Ukrainian one. However, many Ukrainians already hold several passports. Currently, penalties are imposed for officially banned dual citizenship. 

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