In the Carpathians, rescuers for four days have been searching for a Czech citizen

Transcarpathian rescuers together with local people, foresters and the police for four days have been searching for a missing citizen of the Czech Republic. 24-year-old Ondrej Dubansky went missing on January 10. However, the search began only two days later. "We received the report on the missing Czech from the police – Natalia Batir from the Propaganda Center of the MOE directorate in Transcarpathian region told – The same day, rescuers went searching. In the course of four days, about 150 people checked villages of Huklyvy and Yabluniv, the town of Volovets, examined the foot of the Temnatyk mountain in total area of ​​about 310 hectares and ranges of mountains of Temnatyk, Play, Velyky Verkh in total area of ​​about 250 hectares. No traces of the missing man were found."As it turned out, Ondrej Dubansky had arrived in the town of Volovets in Transcarpathia to visit friends, with whom he had worked in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic. January 10, Ondrej said he was going to the Temnatyk mountain. Since then he never returned. The man, the Czech citizen lived with, was hoping that Ondrej would return, so he reported his disappearance only two days later. Since Ondrej had the documents proving his identity, rescuers made a request to the State Border Service to determine whether the man happened to go home. However, border guards reported that Dubansky had not crossed the border.Currently, the search continues.

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