In the beginning of autumn, drones will fly to Uzhgorod!

From 1 to 3 September, the best Ukrainian and European pilots will come together for a spectacular competition of modern technology at over 100 km / h speed. Such an event at the level of European Championship will take place in Ukraine for the first time – the organizers of the event told the


The racing track is planned to be arranged in the moat of the Uzhgorod castle.

"Uzhgorod castle in Transcarpathia is a unique monument of historical heritage of Ukraine. Conducting the first Eastern European Cup in Ukraine on the territory of the museum complex opens up the possibility of "dynamic development" of the museum. The track that runs through the millennial defense moat is an innovative rethinking of the modern function of environmental protection. Namely, everything is safe where there is a modern progress.The territory is developing," – the main organizer "DRONEVAR" Yevhen Zabarylo comments.

"The route will be completely safe for participants, spectators and the architectural monument. The participants will be in a specially equipped zone, and spectators will be separated from the track with a protective fence more than five meters high." – Ilya Dashyvets, Sports and Technical Director of the Ukrainian Drone Racing Association, said.

The organizers say that the features of the location allow to make an interesting configuration in all three planes. This will allow to use not only standard, but also gravity gates, which pilots will have to fall into using only gravity. And some gates will be positioned horizontally in vertical planes, which will be a challenge for pilots, because there has been no such thing in the history of Ukrainian rotor sport.

The organizers say that the final number of pilots will be known one week before the event. Registration is currently ongoing. They plan to bring more than 50 pilots from Ukraine, Europe and even the drone racing world champion Chad Novak from Australia.

At the moment, the organizers are negotiating with the regional officials.  

PS The Eastern European Drone Racing Cup is only a part of the event scheduled for September. Organizers are preparing a big program that will immerse the participants in the Carpathian world of myth, the source of dreams and the depths of human and artificial intelligence. So watch out for the announcements!

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