In September, “Carpathian Sich” delivered more than 40 tons of aid to soldiers of the ATO

In September 2014, volunteer unit of the "Carpathian Sich" delivered to the front more than 40 tons of humanitarian aid. The entrepot of the Committee for humanitarian support of the army receives about 10 tons of goods weekly. In addition to constant support of the "Sich" battalion, Transcarpathian Svoboda members help the National Guards, where some of the "Carpathian Sich" members are serving now, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular, the 128th separate mountain infantry brigade, the 95th, the 24th and the 25th separate brigades. 

In addition to necessities and food, Transcarpathians purchased several jeeps and minibuses for volunteer battalions. The cars departed to the East filled with the aid from Ukrainians of western and central regions to the civilian population that is suffering from the effects of terrorists’ fire. Many people were left homeless and without any means of livelihood.

"Overall, the Transcarpathian Committee for humanitarian support of the army, since its inception, has provided aid at nearly half a million hryvnias. Those are cars, ammunition, food, necessities and hygiene means, food, medicine. The guys from the ATO area thank communities of Vynogradiv, entrepreneurs of Rakhiv, residents of Beregovo, businessmen Volodymyr Mohoryta and Igor Vashchenko and many conscious Ukrainians contributing to fundraising. We also delivered from our base the aid from all over Ukraine, so soldiers thank all of Ukraine", – the head of the Committee for support of the ATO forces (Transcarpathia) Vasyl Yurochko, who recently returned from the East, said.

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