In Romania you can drive cars registered in other countries only for 90 days

The law, passed by the Romanian government yesterday, April 23, changes the traffic rules concerning the registration of vehicles from other countries. Cars registered in Bulgaria, Italy and Spain, may be in Romania for 90 out of 365 days a year. The period starts from the act issue date of a car purchase.

Penalties for drivers who do not re-registrate the vehicle in time range from 560 lei to 1,420 lei (current exchange rate is approximately $1 -3.4 Lei), and it may end up with seizure of documents and a license plate.

‘Each owner decides for himself whether to register a car in Romania, take it back home or drive it only 90 days’, said Lucian Diniz, a chief of the Romanian traffic police, for the agency Mediafaks.
According to the statistics of the Romanian Police, now in Romania there are 45,000 officially registered cars, which were previously registered in other countries.

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