In Rakhiv district, two drunken “teenagers” forced border guards to shoot

Last night, in the village of Bohdan in Rakhiv district, two unknown persons, using physical force, attacked two servicemen of the border guard department "Bohdan" of the Mukachevo detachment. One of the boys hit a border guard on the neck with a stick.

To stop the fight, the border guards had to make five warning shots into the air from the device for shooting rubber bullets. After the incident, the border guards detained two young men with obvious signs of alcohol intoxication. According to the detainees themselves, they are local residents born in 2000 and 2001.

At present, the state of health of the border guards is satisfactory. The attackers were taken to the border guard unit.

The incident was reported to the National Police, the Military Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathia. The investigation continues.

The detainees face criminal liability under Part two of Article 345 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for intentional infliction of bodily injuries to law-enforcers during the performance of official duties.

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