In Rakhiv district, policemen played indoor football

The other day in the village of Roztoky in Rakhiv district, on the occasion of the 22th anniversary of the Day of Police, there was a futsal competition. Tyachiv, Khust, Vynogradiv and Rakhiv District Police Departments took part in the tournament.

The home side felt very confident and easily defeated Vynogradiv with a score of 7:0. Khust police department gave in to the hosts with the score 1:6. The final match was between Tyachiv and Rakhiv district police departments. During the tough game, the Tyachiv team not only managed to resist attacks of the Rakhiv team, but also showed the character and scored 2 goals. After the final whistle, the score was 2-2.


By calculation of goals scored and conceded, Rakhiv District Police came in first, Tyachiv District Police achieved the second place. Those teams left the group and have opportunity to continue to compete for the title of best police team in the region – Ivan Filip, Tyachiv District Police, informed.

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