In Rakhiv district a schoolboy sprayed tear gas right in the classroom

Yesterday Rakhiv law enforcement officers received information that 12 students aged 16-17 years had appealed to Yasinya hospital with a diagnosis of "Poisoning with tear gas". 
As it was found out, the incident occurred yesterday around 14.00. In the biological classroom of Yasinya School № 2, during biology class, which was attended by 37 students of 10 and 11 grades, a student of grade 10, wanting to stop the lesson sprayed tear gas from a 40 ml can "Defenol CS". The hooligan confessed his guilt, saying that he had purchased the spray can about 2 weeks ago from a stranger.
After providing the first aid one student was hospitalized, others were sent home.

Chas Zakarpattya

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