In Rakhiv district a fire killed a woman

December 3 at about four in the morning the State Fire and Rescue Unit number 3 received the information about a fire in the village of Yasinya in Rakhiv district. This time the house of a 57-year-old local resident was burning.

  The fact that there could people in the building was informed to the rescuers by the neighbors who called "101". Because of the strong smoke, the unit of gas and smoke protection service was engaged.  A few minutes later fire-fighters found the owner of the house, who was laying near the door. Unfortunately, the woman could not be saved.

 The fire destroyed the roof and partially damaged rooms of a house.

 The final losses and cause of the tragedy are being established. However, in the opinion of the experts, likely the owner died due to the habit of smoking in bed – reported TD of MOE in Transcarpathian region.

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