In Perechyn, a man was killed by fire

On March 23, at 13:07, the Rescue Service received a report of a fire in an apartment of a five-story apartment building on Narodna square in the city of Perechyn.

Two crews of the 1st State Fire and Rescue Unit were immediately sent to eliminate the fire. In total, 2 vehicles and 8 personnel members were engaged. On arrival, they found out that the fire originated on the third floor of a five-storey residential building. During the examination of the scene, firefighters found in the bathroom the body of the 66-year-old owner of the apartment. At 13:19, the fire was eliminated.

Due to thick smoke, that was quickly spreading the stairwells, rescuers had to evacuate four residents of neighboring apartments.

The fire destroyed the rug in the bathroom and blackened walls of the apartment.

The cause and amount of the loss is to be determined. However, most likely the incident occurred due to careless handling of fire.

Source: State Emergenices Service of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region.

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