In Perechyn a child was injured through firecrackers explosion

Children pranks are known to often cause irreparable harm.
Recently, a doctor of the district hospital reported to the Perechyn police that a four-year-old boy with the diagnosis of "multiple foreign bodies in the left eye corneal" had been delivered to the emergency unit – informed Myroslava Pekar, Perechyn District Police Department. 
The child received those injuries at the place of his residence due to careless handling of firecrackers. Children as always were playing in the street, and the older brother of the victim decided to fire the pyrotechnic device. It had gotten wet and would not explode. Children’s patience came to an end and just at the moment when the kids approached the firecracker to find out why it "did not work" the petard exploded. Fortunately, the child’s life is not in danger. 

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