In PADIYUN, they also celebrated the Old New Year (PHOTOS)

Pupils of "PADIYUN" prepared for the guests a real festive show program. It has become a tradition to see off New Year’s holiday with such concerts. Over the past few weeks, the children, who study at this extracurricular facility, have presented to the public a few dozen holiday events. 

The show program "On the Old New Year’s Eve" was in part the summary of the year, and in part the presentation of the future. They presented to the public new acts and showed the best ones for the past year.    Singers, dancers, mimes, young designers and gymnasts performed on stage.

The organizers of the holiday said, "Although our show program is held every year, but every time we try to invent something new, something creative and something our audience has not seen before. So that anyone, who comes to the concert, would find something interesting, something useful for themselves."

Meanwhile, teachers and students of "PADIYUN" are preparing for Transcarpathians new projects, new productions and new events. And they invite to attend all of them, because children’s creativity is the most sincere art.  


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