In one of the Uzhgorod schools, policemen conducted a lesson to third-graders

The policemen conducted a lesson for Uzhgorod schoolchildren
A lesson with a police officer for third grade students of the secondary school No. 7 of Uzhgorod was conducted by the officers of the juvenile prevention sector.
The other day, within the framework of the All-Ukrainian preventive campaign "Lesson with a police officer", the senior inspector of the juvenile prevention sector of the department of preventive activity, Police Major Lydia Matsetska, together with a representative of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Transcarpathian region, Lesya Tymchuk.
According to the Transcarpathian Police Communication Department, the school students were learning about traffic rules, including rules of conduct for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle passengers.
The Justice Department representative, in turn, told students what rights are guaranteed to each child, how to exercise and defend their rights, and how to comply with the relevant rules of conduct.
At the end of the meeting, the students watched an educational film about the children’s rights.

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