In Nyíregyháza Zoo and Water park Ukrainian-speaking employees will soon appear – for our comfort

On Wednesday, May 8, in the city of Boktorolonthaza (Hungary) the Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Ivan Baloha met with the chairman of the general meeting of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg region Oscar Sestak and the Mayor of Nyíregyháza Ferenc Kovacs. They discussed the implementation of joint projects, including those funded by the EU. The meeting was also attended by the mayor of Mukachevo Zoltan Lendyel and the manager of the executive council staff Mykhailo Popovich. 

         First, Hungarian partners shared their experiences in tourism development in the region. Thus, the Mayor of Nyíregyháza reported that last year the city had been visited by about 140,000 tourists who stayed there at least for one night.    The Mayor said that the local water park and the zoo this year will start recruiting staff fluent in Ukrainian – for the comfort of Ukrainian tourists. "The system of local border traffic contributes to the increase of number of tourists from Transcarpathia, we hope that visa regime liberalization will increase the flow of travelers from your country" – the Mayor said.

The chairman of the general meeting of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg region Oscar Sestak offered Transcarpathian partners to develop joint tourist routes, including those in Transcarpathia, as Hungarian tourists have a great interest in cultural and historical monuments of our region.      

Also Oscar Sestak offered Transcarpathian partners to join the development of new grant projects. 

In turn, Ivan Baloha proposed to hold a separate meeting on that issue in the early summer in Transcarpathian region, where local government will present their proposals for joint projects with the Hungarians. 


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