In neighboring Hungary, restrictions on the movement of citizens will be imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus

Hungary imposes restrictions on citizens’ movement for two weeks and introduces a "three-hour window" for the elderly people due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus.
Restrictive measures to curb the pandemic announced by the Prime Minister Viktor Orban will take effect on Saturday. Orban expects the peak of the pandemic to come in June or July.
Hungarians will be allowed to leave their homes only for work or basic necessities. Citizens over 65 will only be able to visit grocery stores and pharmacies in the morning, between 9am and 12pm. Others will not be allowed to make purchases at this time.
According to Orban, the measures are proportional and necessary and similar to those adopted in other countries. He noted that citizens will be allowed to take walks outside and work out, but with a spacing of one and a half meters.
Marriage and burial in a narrow family circle is allowed. Shopping in agricultural shops and markets, use of service stations and hairdressing and manicure salons are not prohibited.
As of Friday morning, there have been 300 identified cases of coronavirus in Hungary, and 10 people have died.

Yevropeiska Pravda

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