In Mukachevo, artists presented winter through their eyes

Starting from the 27th of December, the New Year and Christmas exhibition of works by Mukachevo artists has been held in Mukachevo art gallery.

Artists present their works on winter, festive Christmas and New Year themes. Members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine participate in the exhibition. These include People’s Artists of Ukraine I. Brovdi and Z. Mychka, Honored Artists of Ukraine, such as A. Ivancho, Y. Syarkevych, P. Feldeshi, A. Shepa, Honored Architect of Ukraine S. Andyaloshi, M. Dufynets, J. Szekeres, M. Matiko, I. Matiko, A.Kopryva, A. Harahonych, E. Efendiev et al.

Each artist exhibits 2 works.

The exhibition runs until January 31, 2014.

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