In Mukachevo, a car ran over a student on a pedestrian crossingгу студентці

The 15-year-old victim was taken to the children’s hospital of Mukachevo. The culprit of the accident – 19-year-old driver of the minibus "Mercedes" – was detained by the police.


Yesterday afternoon, Mukachevo police received a report from the Regional Children’s Hospital of Mukachevo that they had admitted a minor after an accident. The police arrived at the hospital.

As it turned out, the 15-year-old resident of Svalyava district, a student of Mukachevo college had been injured by a white van. Right on a crosswalk in the city of Mukachevo, the girl was hit by a car, while the driver fled the scene.

The doctors diagnosed the victim with bruised right foot and left knee.

On suspicion of committing the accident, patrol police detained on the road in the village of Zaluzhzhya in Mukachevo district the minibus "Mercedes Sprinter" driven by a 19-year-old resident of Vynogradiv district.

The driver will be prosecuted according to the law. The car was taken to the police impound lot.

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