In Mizhhirya the building of the district sanitary and epidemiological station was burning (PHOTOS)

December 28 at 10:08 the operative rescue service of Transcarpathia was reported about the fire on Holovatsky street in Mizhhirya. 
The focus of the fire was the electrical switchboard in the building of the district sanitary-epidemiological station.

Within minutes the unit of the State Fire and Rescue station number 4 were already working at the place of call. After 8 minutes the fire was localized, and at 10:30 it was completely eliminated. Thanks to the skills of MOE officers, the fire have not spread, so the SES building was saved from destruction.

No one was injured on the fire.

The probable cause of the fire, according to experts, was a short circuit in the electrical switchboard.

Losses caused by the fire are being established – reported TD of MOE in Transcarpathian region.


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