In Mizhhirya district they have already started to gather mushrooms … on the trees

In Verkhovyna, the mushroom season has already started. Once the leaves appear on trees, namely on beeches, local "silent hunting" aficionados go to forests for the first trophies – pistryaks. This is the name of edible mushrooms, which taste almost like boletus.

They grow, usually at the top of the old beeches. Mostly they grow in large clusters, and the diameter of cap can sometimes reach more than half a meter.

Lozyanske village head Ivan Sopko is one of the active seekers of gourmet mushrooms. The debut trip to the mountains was successful – he brought a backpack full of pistryaks. These mushrooms first must be boiled and then fried with bacon and onions, adding sour cream.

Novyny Zakarpattya

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