In Mizhhirya district, they also established the People’s Council

January 31, 2014, there was a session of Mizhhirya district council. The session began with a moment of silence for the protesters killed in Kyiv, then Greek Catholic priest, Father Vasyl Mandzyuk held a memorial service.

Before the formation of the agenda, the deputy of the district council Mykhailo Buryshyn addressed to the deputies and the public present at the session and in his speech he stressed that the responsibility for the events that are happening today in the country is on the current government, and announced the establishment of Mizhhirya District Council, which had been formed a few days earlier and composed of 26 persons. The People’s Council includes deputies of the district, town and village councils as well as NGOs, opposition parties and activists of Mizhhirya euromaidan. Mizhhirya People’s Council takes responsibility to inform the public on the status and activities of the executive power in Mizhhirya district.

Members of Mizhhirya People’s Council:

  1. Baran Vasyl (Svoboda)
  2. Buryshyn Mykhailo (Batkivshchyna)
  3. Bonkalo Yaroslav (United Center)
  4. Bihar Fedir (Batkivshchyna)
  5. Halas Vasyl (United Center)
  6. Holub Hanna (member of the public)
  7. Holinka Mariana (member of the public)
  8. Hryha Oleksandr (United Center)
  9. Ivanysh Ivan (Batkivshchyna)

10.  Kazybrid Olya (member of the public)

11. Kost Ivan (UDAR)

12. Mandzyuk Vasyl (member of the public)

13. Markovich Vasyl (United Center)

14. Misyk Mariana (member of the public)

15. Palapa Vitaliy (member of the public)

16.  Plytan Ivan (Batkivshchyna)

17.  Pyrynets Valeriy (Batkivshchyna)

18.  Rushchak Halyna (member of the public)

19. Stetsyunych Larysa (Svoboda)

20. Stetsyunych Serhiy (United Center)

21. Terelya Mykhailo (United Center)

22. Chernychko Vasyl (Batkivshchyna) 

23. Tsendra Roman (United Center)

24. Chup Ivan (GO Patriots of Verkhovyna)

25. Shtelen Mykhailo (member of the public)

26. Shchemur Mykola (member of the public)

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