In Mizhhirrya Party of Regions members disrupted the district council session because they want to have a majority

According to local representatives of the party in power, they will seek re-election.
The meeting was supposed to start today, November 29, at 10.00, but members of the Party of Regions in full force and faction "Front for Change" and a few members who have recently been under the influence of the ruling party, refused to enter the session hall, and their representatives read out their position from the rostrum.
Everything boils down to the fact that the Party of Regions intends to block the work of the District Council until January 2013, so there were grounds for its dissolution because deputies have not sat since the 19th of July.
Meanwhile, the agenda of today’s meeting contained 27 issues, including the dismissal of the deputy head of the district council, on which the Party of Regions insisted two weeks ago and tried to convene an extraordinary session about this. It seems that the instructions of the senior management have changed.

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