In Lviv district, the police fired at and arrested a group of Transcarpathian Right Sector, returning from the ATO

"We have lost contact with one of the groups of the Rights Sector, returning from the ATO. Our guys were returning from Donetsk to Uzhgorod" – the spokesman of the Right Sector in Transcarpathia Volodymyr Hlasner reported.

He says: "According to unconfirmed information, somewhere near Stryi, the OCD was waiting and brutally "welcomed" them. Currently, we can not contact anyone. Trying to find them…".

And a few minutes ago, the information was confirmed. Volodymyr informs, "The group of the Rights Sector of Transcarpathia returning from the ATO area was brutally "welcomed" by Lviv OCD. The guys were returning home from the war, after many combat operations and combat missions completed. During the arrest, they opened fire at them. Is this how the country meets its heroes?!!."

As they say, no comments. As you know, in addition to the war in the East, there is an undeclared war of some of the authorities against the patriots; thus, Transcarpathian police sometimes demonstrate their hostility to the Right Sector and regularly try to discredit it. The Right Sector, whose members are now fighting in the East as volunteers, took active part in activities regarding the lustration, including that in the police ranks, fought against the abuse by people in uniforms and so on.

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