In Khust district, an ignition of gas flare occured

Today at 9:55, the operational-rescue service of Transcarpathia was reported about depressurization in the underground section of the main gas pipeline "Soyuz" near the village of Horodylovo in Khust district.

 The diameter of the pipeline is 1 m 42 cm, the operational pressure is 65 atmospheres. The equipment detected underground depressurization of the pipe at 9.55 am. Gas started leaking from the damaged spot and at 12.03 it started burning due to accidental spark. The explosion formed a pillar of fire up to 50 meters in height, which was seen in several districts of the region.

The linear operating crew of the Khust linear production department of main gas pipelines arrived at the scene and continues to work there. The operator of the Khust linear production department of main gas pipelines closed valve gates. The headquarters for the emergency has been established at Khust city executive committee.

There is no threat to local residents and infrastructure of the settlements.

 No settlements are disconnected from gas supply network due to the depressurization of the the transit pipeline. Causes and consequences of the incident are being established.

Nobody was killed or injured.

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