In Beregovo two Roma women started a knife fight

Sunday evening there was a conflict between young residents of the village of V.Remety in Beregovo district. It is unknown, whom or what the two women were fighting over, but a 29-year-old one suddenly grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her 37-year-old rival in the chest. Fortunately, the wound was shallow and the life of the victim is not in danger.

    The knife fight in the gypsy camp was reported to the police, and the investigative team of Beregovo district station arrived at the scene. As it turned out, the militant girl that had made trouble, at the time of the crime was in a state of intoxication. Now she faces criminal liability, the weapon was seized. By the way, the victim refused from medical examination – informed the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region.

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