In Beregovo district there will be new heads of district council and DSA

At the next session of Beregovo district council, the chairman thereof Andriy Bihari, who in four days is celebrating his 60th birthday, is going to resign due to retirement. The Head of Beregovo District Organization of the Democratic Hungarian Party, Bihari decided to give up the office to District Council deputy from the Party of Regions, businessman Yuri Knoblokh. The latter aspired to be the head of the DSA, but because of the criminal past he failed the special verification in the Presidential Administration.

The current head of the legal department of the administration Volodymyr Ilyich Hulyanych in January will be appointed as the new head of Beregovo district administration. At one time he worked as the chief of the executive service of the region, was the Deputy Governor at the time of Ivan Rizak, ran a branch of the insurance company "Alfa – Grant". Today he heads the regional organization of the "Union" party. 

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