Implants will be inserted for free in Uzhgorod

The Ukrainian idea ‘The quality of our parents’ life’, which eventually was embodied in the international action, will be held in different world countries on May 25. Uzhgorod participates in the action among the other Ukrainian towns.

‘Few people expected that dentists can participate in the social projects. We have selected the elderly people category, which correlates with our parents. Our goal is to involve as more dentist as possible, who will help people to feel better quality of life by conducting free of charge implantation.’ – said the idea author, the President of Dental Implantology Association in Ukraine, Professor Yaroslav Zablotskyi.

The dental clinic ‘DM’, which is specialized in dental implantology supported the action in Uzhgorod. According to the Doctor of the clinic, the member of the Dental Implantology Association of Ukraine, the assistant of the dentistry Department of UhNU Dmytro Melnytchuk, they take part in the action for the second time already, believing that elderly people often have a huge merits before the country and, at the same time, completely imperfect social security through which they cannot afford themselves the proper treatment.

The action is directed to the socially disadvantaged elderly people. According to the terms, the best world brands provide dentists with the free implants for their work and dental technicians and orthopedists make dentures for free.


The Dental Implantology Association of Ukraine and the Private Dentists Association of Ukraine became the organizers of the action. This year’s action is supported in Ukraine, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Hungary, Brazil, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Italy, Moldova, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey and Cyprus.

In general, nearly 1500 dental implants were inserted to 350 elderly people in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and Georgia for these two years in already international movement.   

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